Sala de vinificación - elaboración del vino

Winemaking building:

The winery currently has 28 stainless steel tanks to elaborate 600,000 kg of grapes.

Winemaking building

At the beginning, we started with 10 tanks of 21,000 liters and two siemprellenos tanks. In 2012, 5 more tanks of 6,000 liters were added, and in 2014 reached its maximum capacity, with eleven 33,000 liters new tanks, all of them in stainless steel, enough to make the alcoholic fermentation of 600,000 kg.

The second fermentation, the malolactic fermentation (from malic acid to lactic acid), occurs in the same deposits, after cleaning the residues of the alcoholic fermentation. Finished this second process, we already have a wine to consume (young wine) or to age it in barrels.

Variedad tinta del país


The grapes arrive at cellar through vibrating hopper (not with auger) that dumped it on the selection table without crushing it. Here it is cleaned of impurities before entering the despalilladora which, shaking the clusters, removes grapes from the scrape, so there is not green parts at the fermentation deposits.

Recogida de la uva


The alcoholic fermentation usually lasts 10-12 days and is carried out at controlled temperatures between 22-24 degrees.

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